Finn and Jake To The RescOoo


Puzzles and platforms featuring the Adventure Time characters


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Finn and Jake To The RescOoo is a puzzle platformer set in the world of Adventure Time. You play Finn, one of the main characters in the series. The aim of the game, as usual, is to save the five Kingdoms of Ooo.

The gameplay in Finn and Jake To The RescOoo is quite original, brilliantly combining puzzles with platforms. Both Finn and all the bad guys move around a 2D setting divided into several pieces. By tapping on them you can move these pieces around and shake up the arrangement of the platforms.

Apart from moving pieces in the level, you have to control Finn and fight all the bad guys you find throughout the game, jumping around and using his sword. You can also use potions (stored inside your backpack).

Finn and Jake To The RescOoo is quite an original puzzle/platformer combo with all the charm of the Adventure Time TV series. It's true that the graphics aren't particularly good, but the general style still follows that of the animated series.
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher